Olivier Delumeau

Olivier Delumeau


  • Olivier DELUMEAU
  • Position: Research Engineer
  • In the Lab Since: November 2006
  • Email: olivier.delumeau[at]jouy.inra.fr
  • Tel: +33 (0) 1 34 65 25 13

Project Description

My work focuses on the role played by protein-protein interactions (PPI) - as well as their dynamics - in cellular processes. These PPI have been shown for a long time to be crucial in various cellular processes such as enzyme activities, signal transduction or "ad hoc" gene transcription. Unraveling this network of PPIs is therefore important to understand how cellular processes work and are coordinated in the cell.
From the end of 2006 to April 2011, I participated in the European project BaSysBio which has used a Systems Biology approach in Bacillus subtilis, through a study on the transcription machinery (see publications below) and some transcription factors. Our aim was to show the protein-protein interactions involved in transcription regulation, as well as their potential involvement in transcriptional regulation networks. These protein-protein interactions were detected or validated either by using the Yeast Two-Hybrid System, or with the in vivo TAP Tag technology associated with mass spectrometry or even in vitro after purification of the proteins expressed in E. coli. This project is currently being finalized, with some last experiments and writing of publications (this work was done in collaboration with Tatiana Rochat, Etienne Dervyn and François Lecointe)
I am currently starting a project in protein-protein interactions, this time involving membrane and/or peripheral or even cell wall proteins in Bacillus subtilis. Although located at the strategic interface between the inside and outside of the bacterium, protein-protein interactions in this compartment have hardly been explored, for the simple reason that it represents an important technical challenge.


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Curriculum Vitae

  • PhD on the interaction between NAD kinase and calmodulin in tomato at Angers University, France (1995-1998), then ATER (1998-1999)
  • Research Associate at the Universities of Oxford (2000-2003) and Newcastle (2003-2006), on the regulation of the sigmaB factor in Bacillus subtilis.
  • At INRA in Jouy-en-Josas since November 2006 for the beginning of the BaSysBio Project.
  • Permanent position as Research Associate in Philippe Noirot's lab since September 2008

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