Platforms and shared experimental installations

Platforms and shared experimental installations


The MICALIS platforms

Shared experimental installations and platforms are essential for meeting the demands for high-powered technology and rigourously maintained living systems in current genomic and post-genomic research and in fundamental in vivo or in situ biology. Our platforms are open to internal and external research teams, and provide the scientific community with up to date cutting-edge equipment and associated expertise.

The platforms have emerged coordinately with activities of several MICALIS teams. These teams continuously participate, via their research activities and networking, in the evolution and dynamism of the platforms. The platform engineers and technicians work in close collaboration with in-house researchers and external partner teams to strengthen and update the installations, thus offering the best services to a wide scientific community at the regional, national and European levels.

MICALIS hosts four platforms:

i and ii) two technological platforms, MIMA2 for microscopy, and PAPPSO for proteomics;
iii) ANAXEM, an animal facility offering rodents without or with controlled digestive flora;
iv) Metagenopolis, a pre-industrial demonstrator for studying the impact of human intestinal microbiota on health and diseases.

More specific data on these platforms are available on their respective websites.

La Plateforme d'Analyse Protéomique de Paris Sud-Ouest (PAPPSO)


La plateforme Microscopie et Imagerie des Microorganismes, Animaux, Aliments (MIMA2)


L'animalerie axénique (ANAXEM)

logo ANAXEM bleu

Le démonstrateur Métagénopolis (MGP)


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