Peptides and Bacterial Communication / Christine Delorme & Vincent Juillard

Peptides and Bacterial Communication


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Peptides et Communication Bactérienne

Leaders : Christine Delorme & Vincent Juillard



The team « Peptides and bacterial communication » (ComBac) focuses its research on the way food and commensal streptococci (S. thermophilus, S. salivarius) interact with their environments. ComBac studies these interactions in environments that are close from the real life, such as host or food matrices.

Combac activities are organized following 3 axes:

-          Bacteria-bacteria interactions: Combac is working at identifying and characterizing cell-cell communication and regulation systems known as quorum sensing systems. These systems are based on peptides pheromones/transcriptional regulators pairs and their knowledge allows imagining new methods to control them.

-          Bacteria-host interactions: Combac is searching for health beneficial effects, especially anti-inflammatory ones, from streptococci strains or their metabolites.

-          Bacteria-food matrices: Combac is taking into account the pre-culture and culture conditions to program bacteria and is investigating streptococci behavior in new animal or vegetal food matrices. The impact of these matrices on the functional or health properties of the strains is also explored.


Christine Delorme & Vincent Juillard

Institut Micalis (UMR1319/INRA-AgroParisTech)
I.N.R.A.E, Domaine de Vilvert
78352 Jouy en Josas Cedex, France


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