Projects and Collaborations

Projects and Collaborations

National grants

  • ANR EcoBiopro (2010-2014): Exploration of microbial ecosystems of fish and meat products. Effects of bioprotective cultures. Coordinator and WP leader
  • ANRT PREVSALMO (2017-2017): The impacts of reducing salt content on storage and bacterial ecosystem of raw pork sausages. Coordinator
  • ANR BLACHP (2014-2018): Lactic Bacteria combined with High Pressure for a sustainable stabilization process of refrigerated meat products
  • ANR Redlosses (2017-2021): Reducing Food losses by prediction of microbial spoilage. WP leader
  • ANRT HAMAQ (2017-2020): Characterization of the influence of environmental factors on microbial ecosystem dynamic of cooked ham. Identification of warning markers for spoilage. Coordinator

Metaprogrammes INRA

  • Virome Access (2016-2018) Accessing to virus genomes out of metagenomics data. Coordinator
  • IronManOmics (2018-2020) Exploring omics data for evaluating microbial interactions for iron. Coordinator

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