Interactions of Commensal and Probiotic Bacteria with the Host / Phillipe Langella

Interactions of Commensal and Probiotic bacteria with the Host


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NEWS (sept 2018)

Team: Interactions of Commensal and Probiotic bacteria with the Host

Head : Philippe Langella

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Our 4 major objectives :

1. To study intestinal, vaginal, pulmonary and skin ecosystem, in order to identify benefic effect on host and their mechanism of action

2. To explore immune and physiologic responses to commensals and probiotics in different nutriotional contexts

3. To study the interaction between host and intestinal microbiota through diet and supplement with prebiotics and/or symbiotics

4. To integrate our work to physiology (birh and aging) and human physio-pathology (inflammation, cancer and obesity) in order to tend toward translational research and to propose notably strategies of prevention and therapy 


Our team is composed to 48 members et organised in 4 complementary groups:

* Probiotiques, commensales et inflammation (Head: L. Bermudez-Humaran);

* Immuno-modulation de l'hôte (Head: JM Chatel) ;

* Immunity and intestinal microbiota (head: H. Sokol) ;

* Microbiote et santé digestive et pulmonaire (Head: M. Thomas)


* Atelier de bactéries commensales et probiotiques (Head : R. Martin Rosique)

* Commensal Bacteria and Probiotics Engineering Platform (Head : Luis Bermudez-Humaran)


Commensals and Probiotics-Host Interactions Laboratory MICALIS Institute INRA,
Domaine de Vilvert
78352 Jouy en Josas France

- E-mail : Philippe Langella

- Téléphone :

Office : 33134652070
Mobile: 33689643321 Fax: 33134652462

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