Jean-Marc Chatel

Immuno-modulation de l'hôte

My group is focused on the study of the interactions between commensal or probiotic bacteria and the mucosal immune system mainly in intestinal inflammatory disorders.


Main projects:

- We are interested by the role of the innate immune system, especially anti-microbial peptides and the IL-22/IL-17 pathway in inflammation. We characterize the protective effects of different anti-microbial peptides focusing on their action on microbiota.


- On the bacterial side, our efforts are applied on the exploration of the anti-inflammatory properties of the commensal bacterium Faecalibacterium prausnitzii in various models of acute and low-grade inflammation induced by chemicals or stress but also radiation. We study the role and mechanisms of action of the protein MAM (Microbial Anti-inflammatory Molecule) produced by F.prausnitzii.


- Recently we started a new axe of research on gut-muscle interactions with projects on probiotics, microbiota and sarcopenia. We develop gut-brain axis projects on probiotics, microbiota and Alzheimer or neuro-inflammation.


Main strategies:

- We develop and use recombinant Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) to deliver proteins on interest or DNA at the mucosal level.

- We have also access to cellular model of inflammation but also to genetically modified mice, axenic mice and murine model of acute, low grade inflammation or metabolic disorder.

People :

Jean-Marc Chatel | PI

Denis Mariat | Research Ingeneer

Véronique Robert | Associate Ingeneer

Wasaporn Chanputt | Post-doc

Houssam Akherraz | Student (Professional Licence)

Camille Kropp | Study Ingeneer

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