Vinciane Saint-Criq

Vinciane Saint-Criq

Vinciane Saint-Criq is a senior scientist affiliated to the « Alimentation Humaine » department at INRAE



After completing her PhD on the modulation of inflammation in the airway epithelium in Cystic Fibrosis (CF), she studied the impact of hormones on ion and fluid transport in the CF airways in Prof. Brian Harvey’s lab in Dublin. She came back to France in 2013 where she joined a team in Pasteur Institute (D2i, Prof. Jean-Michel Sallenave’s group), which later moved to Bichat hospital, to investigate, in vitro and in vivo, the role of a bacterial elastase on the airway homeostasis, particularly, the epithelial repair process, ion transport and inflammatory response. She then moved to Dr Mike Gray’s lab in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 2015 to explore alternative approaches to activate chloride and bicarbonate secretion in the CF airways. Particularly, she developed an in vitro method to study the airway luminal pH and investigated the role of multiple ion channels and transporters in airway pH homeostasis. Since she was recruited at INRA in 2019, she focuses her research on the pulmonary microbiota and the gut-lung axis and has established in vitro models of fully differenciated primary human nasal and bronchial epithelial cells to explore the interactions between the microbiota and the host’s lungs.

Research Activities

Until 2010, the healthy lung was considered sterile. We now know that it contains between 104 and 105 bacteria per gram of tissue and that the composition of this microbiota may be associated with pathologies. Recent studies also show that alterations of the intestinal microbiota can have consequences at the pulmonary level. In this context, the main axes of her research projects focus on:
(i)   the association between composition of the pulmonary microbiota and pulmonary pathologies (ANR SevAsthma-Children);
(ii) the characterization of the interactions between bacteria of the microbiota and the epithelium of the respiratory tract thanks to the establishment of in vitro models of differentiated epithelia (samples obtained by SevAsthma);
(iii) the impact of undernutrition (SFNCM funding), alterations in the intestinal microbiota associated with prematurity and exposure, via food, to environmental contaminants on respiratory health using animal models.


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Selected publications

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