Research scientist (CR1)

  • Arnaud CHASTANET
  • Position : Research scientist (CR1)
  • In the Lab Since: July 1st, 2009
  • Email : arnaud.chastanet [at]
  • Tel: +33 (0) 1 34 65 25 81

Project Description:

My research projects aim at understanding how living organisms acquire and maintain their shape. For this, I am studying Bacillus subtilis a well-known bacterial model that keep a very constant rod shaped along generations, and in particular how these cells build their envelop, the cell wall. This wall forms a protective, rigid structure outside of the cell, and constitutes the major physical determinant of the shape in bacteria. It is also, as an essential component, a major target for antimicrobial drugs.
To gain insight into this process, I am studying the cell wall synthetic machineries and more specifically the role of bacterial actin homologues (MreB), essential proteins that form mobile polymers with complex dynamics. These studies need a panel of approaches including molecular genetics, biochemistry and super-resolution microscopy (TIRF, SIM, PALM, SPT).
The current projects include:

  • super-rez microscopic approaches (SIM-TIRF, PALM) to characterize in vivo the dynamic properties and structures of MreB complexes.
  • in vitro characterization of the biochemical properties of B. subtilis MreB (using identified mutants from a previous screen)
  • screenings (suppressor mutants, partners of MreB, inhibitors of MreBs, cell shape determinants…)


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(* authors contributed equally to the work).

Curriculum Vitae:

Since high school, it was always clear for me I will be a researcher (even though some of my professors seem to disagree with this idea!). I seriously doubted only once, right before grad school, but from this point it has been a clear and very enjoyable path to follow.
I did my PhD at “the Pasteur” in Paris where I was studying the stress response in various Gram-positive bacteria. After my graduation in 2003, I moved to Boston USA, for a 5 years postdoc in Rich Losick lab in Harvard. The whole process was a terrific experience, both scientifically and personally.
Looking for a project in the bacterial development field, I moved back to France in 2009, at the national institute for agronomical research (INRA), close to Paris, and joined Rut Carballido-Lopez team, where I obtained a full position in 2012. I am currently leading a couple projects involving 4 people from our group.

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