• Caroline PERON-CANE
  • Position : Post-doc
  • In the Lab from 15/02/2019 since 10/02/2023

Project Description:

Bacteria have an exoskeleton called the cell wall, which determines their shape and plays a protective role, particularly from osmotic lysis. Composed by the peptidoglycan, the cell wall is a highly dynamic element of bacterial anatomy, for which the mechanisms governing its synthesis and regulation are not fully elucidated. Within the ProCeD team, I investigate the role of CozE-like proteins in the model bacterium Bacillus subtilis, which are membrane proteins interacting with the actors of bacterial elongation and division. In addition, I will use the FAST fluorescent labeling system to monitor the localization dynamics and visualize the interactions between different actors of cell wall biosynthesis.


3. Peron Cane C., Leblanc J., Wingertsmann L., Fernandez J-C., Gautier A., Desprat N. et Lebreton A. (2019) An alternative replication niche for Listeria monocytogenes revealed by fluorescent tagging of bacterial secreted effectors. BioRxiv doi:10.1101/2019.12.23.886689.

2. M. Gomgnimbou, C. Ginevra, C. Peron Cane, M. Versapuech, G. Refrégier, N. Jacotin, C. Sola, S. Jarraud. (2014) Transfer of Legionella pneumophila Sequence Type 1/Paris pulsotype spoligotyping on a Microbead-based high-throughput format. Journal of Clinical Microbiology. Vol. 52, p.2410-2415

1. E.M. Meulenbroek, C. Peron Cane, I. Jala, S. Iwai, G.F. Moolenaar, N. Goosen, N.S. Pannu. (2013) UV damage endonuclease employs a novel dual-dinucleotide flipping mechanism to recognize different DNA lesions. Nucleic Acid Research. Vol. 41, p.1363-1371.

Curriculum Vitae:


    2015-2019: PhD candidate at Sorbonne Université, Physics Laboratory of the Ecole normale supérieure (LPENS) & Institute of Biology of ENS (IBENS), Paris, France
    “Imaging bacterial secreted proteins in real time” under the supervision of Dr. Nicolas Desprat and Dr. Alice Lebreton.

    2013: Master internship at the Université Paris Saclay, Institute of Genetics and Microbiology, Orsay, France
    “Validation of a microbead-based assay for sub-typing of Legionella pneumophila using CRISPR genetic diversity and study of the molecular epidemiology of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and its antibiotics resistance” under the supervision of Pr Christophe Sola & Dr Michel Gomgnimbou.

    2012: Master internship at the University of Leiden, Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Leiden, Netherlands
    “Structure-based insights into the UV-damage endonuclease DNA repair mechanism” under the supervision of Dr. Elisabeth Meulenbroek (Biophysical Structural Chemistry group).


    2019: Doctorat en Biophysique (Sorbonne Université, ED564).
    2013: Master 2 Microbiologie appliquée et génie biologique (Université Paris Diderot, IMVI-MAGB)

Extracurricular work

    2016-2018: Scientific communication at the Palais de la Découverte (Universcience, Paris)

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