Olivier Borkowski

Olivier Borkowski


From my PhD to my current project, my research activities focused on the intertwined relationships between protein production and cell growth resulting from the optimization of resource allocation in bacteria and yeast. During my PhD in France, I worked on the link between growth rate and protein production in bacteria using a systems biology approach in the teams of Dr S. Aymerich and Dr V. Fromion. After my PhD (1) I used synthetic biology approaches to couple cell physiology and protein production using molecular logic gates (at Stanford with Pr D. Endy), (2) I worked on cell-free protein production methods (at Imperial College London with Pr T. Ellis), (3) I developed methods linking cell-free and machine learning to maximize in vitro protein production (at Genopole in Evry in the team of Pr. JL Faulon) and (4) I implemented automation approaches in biology and optogenetic tools for the design of synthetic circuits in yeast (at the Pasteur Institute in the team of Dr G. Batt). My current research at Micalis with Pr Matthieu Jules (SyBER) focuses on the use of cell-free methods to access the gene expression of non-cultivable organisms from the gut microbiota. 

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