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Microbiota and digestive and respiratory health

Our team is expert in studying the beneficial effects triggered by microbiota. The group combines approaches at the frontier between physiology, microbiology, and nutrition


Muriel Thomas

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Major results:

1/ fundamental and academic research: microbiota and digestive health. By using gnototiotic rodents (Anaxem germ free facility, MICALIS), we have shown that the microbiota is a main actor shaping the structure, the proliferation and absorption and secretion functions of the intestinal epithelium. Our data reveal that certain microbes engage the functions of epithelial cells and actively shape digestion physiology of host. (Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol., 2010 ; Faseb J., 2013 ; BMC Biol., 2013 ; Faseb J 2016 ; ISME J, 2015).

2/ fundamental and academic research: microbiota and respiratory health.  We have recently shown that appropriate bacterial lung stimuli during early life are critical for susceptibility to allergic asthma in a preclinical model. (ISME J, 2017).

3/ applied projects with industrials.  We aim at isolating new probiotics or prebiotics and we also establish the mechanisms accounting for their beneficial effects observed in host (Int. J. Food Microbiol, 2010 ; J. Biol. Chem, 2011 ; PLoS One, 2011; Beneficial Microbes, 2013; Plos One, 2012 ; Plos One, 2013; Curr. Opin. Microbiol., 2013, gut microbes., 2014., Mbio, 2015 ; scientific reports, 2016 ; Frontiers in microbiology, 2017).

4/ translational research. In collaboration with clinicians, we study the intestinal physiology and microbiota of patients with major mal-absorption. (Am.J. Physiol. Gastro.liver, 2009 ; Biochimie, 2010 ; Plos One, 2013 ; Microorganism 2016 ; Scientific reports 2016 ; Frontiers in physiology, 2017).

5/ expertise and collective work. Our engagement in teaching at university, in public health agency (ANSES), specialized societies (SFNEP) and stakeholder (Vitaogora) is an asset to adapt our projects with the public health priorities, regulatory framework and food safety policy (Microbial cell factories, 2015).

New projects funded by ANR :

Project ANR CIMMAP (2018-2020): To elucidate mechanisms linked to atopic diseases development using clinical and preclinical approaches and to develop an antenatal nutritional strategy to prevent allergy development in children using prebiotics.

Project ANR ACROBAT (2018-2020): Role of the lung/gut/bone marrow axis and of the microbiota during influenza A virus infection

Project ANR DOPEOS (2017-2019): Development and Optimization of a Production process of Extremely Oxygen Sensitive bacteria for their industrial exploitation.



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