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From the team members since its creation (2015)

Publications 2017

  • Jules M. 2017. The logics of metabolic regulation in bacteria challenges biosensor-based metabolic engineering. Microb Cell. Dec 11;5(1):56-59. doi: 10.15698/mic2018.01.610.
  • Charbonnier T, Le Coq D, McGovern S, Calabre M, Delumeau O, Aymerich S, Jules M. 2017. Molecular and Physiological Logics of the Pyruvate-Induced Response of a Novel Transporter in Bacillus subtilis. MBio. 2017 Oct 3;8(5).
  • Bidnenko V, Nicolas P, Grylak-Mielnicka A, Delumeau O, Auger S, Aucouturier A, Guerin C, Repoila F, Bardowski J, Aymerich S, Bidnenko E. 2017. PLoS Genet. Jul 19;13(7):e1006909.
  • Randazzo P, Aucouturier A, Delumeau O, Auger S. Revisiting the in vivo GlnR-binding sites at the genome scale in Bacillus subtilis. 2017. BMC Res Notes. Aug 23;10(1):422

Publications 2016

  • Guiziou S, Sauveplane V, Chang HJ, Clerté C, Declerck N, Jules M, Bonnet J. 2016. A part toolbox to tune genetic expression in Bacillus subtilis. Nucleic Acids Res. Sep 6;44(15):7495-508
  • Borkowski O, Goelzer A, Schaffer M, Calabre M, Mäder U, Aymerich S, Jules M, Fromion V. 2016. Translation elicits a growth rate-dependent, genome-wide, differential protein production in Bacillus subtilis. Mol Syst Biol.;12(5):870.
  • Hoff G, Bertrand C, Zhang L, Piotrowski E, Chipot L, Bontemps C, Confalonieri F, McGovern S, Lecointe F, Thibessard A, Leblond P. 2016. Multiple and Variable NHEJ-Like Genes Are Involved in Resistance to DNA Damage in Streptomyces ambofaciens. Front Microbiol. Nov 28;7:1901
  • McGovern S, Baconnais S, Roblin P, Nicolas P, Drevet P, Simonson H, Piétrement O, Charbonnier JB, Le Cam E, Noirot P, Lecointe F. C-terminal region of bacterial Ku controls DNA bridging, DNA threading and recruitment of DNA ligase D for double strand breaks repair. Nucleic Acids Res. Mar 9.
  • Grylak-Mielnicka A, Bidnenko V, Bardowski J, Bidnenko E. 2016. Transcription termination factor Rho: a hub linking diverse physiological processes in bacteria. Microbiology;162(3):433-47.

Publications 2015

  • Benoist C, Guérin C, Noirot P, Dervyn E. Constitutive Stringent Response Restores Viability of Bacillus subtilis Lacking Structural Maintenance of Chromosome Protein. PLoS One;10(11):e0142308.
  • Goelzer A, Muntel J, Chubukov V, Jules M, Prestel E, Nölker R, Mariadassou M, Aymerich S, Hecker M, Noirot P, Becher D, Fromion V. 2015. Quantitative prediction of genome-wide resource allocation in bacteria. Metab Eng.;32:232-43.
  • Mirouze N, Bidnenko E, Noirot P, Auger S. 2015. Genome-wide mapping of TnrA-binding sites provides new insights into the TnrA regulon in Bacillus subtilisMicrobiologyopen
  • Prestel E, Noirot P, Auger S. 2015. Genome-wide identification of Bacillus subtilis Zur-binding sites associated with a Zur box expands its known regulatory network. BMC Microbiol;15(1):13.
  • Rochat T, Delumeau O, Figueroa-Bossi N, Noirot P, Bossi L, Dervyn E, Bouloc P. 2015. Tracking the Elusive Function of Bacillus subtilis Hfq. PLoS One; 10(4):e0124977.
  • Sanchez-Vizuete P, Orgaz B, Aymerich S, Le Coq D, Briandet R. 2015. Pathogens protection against the action of disinfectants in multispecies biofilms. Front Microbiol.;6:705.
  • Derouiche A, Shi L, Bidnenko V, Ventroux M, Pigonneau N, Franz-Wachtel M, Kalantari A, Nessler S, Noirot-Gros MF, Mijakovic I. Bacillus subtilis SalA is a phosphorylation-dependent transcription regulator that represses scoC and activates the production of the exoprotease AprE. Mol Microbiol.;97(6):1195-208.
  • Sanchez-Vizuete P, Le Coq D, Bridier A, Herry JM, Aymerich S, Briandet R. 2015. Identification of ypqP as a New Bacillus subtilis biofilm determinant that mediates the protection of Staphylococcus aureus against antimicrobial agents in mixed-species communities. Appl Environ Microbiol; 81(1):109-18.
  • Vives V, Cres G, Richard C, Busson M, Ferrandez Y, Planson AG, Zeghouf M, Cherfils J, Malaval L, Blangy A. 2015. Pharmacological inhibition of Dock5 prevents osteolysis by affecting osteoclast podosome organization while preserving bone formation. Nat Commun; 6:6218.

Group members publications before the creation of the team

Within the former RG2B and IFPC teams (2004-2014)
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