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Prokaryotic Cell Development (ProCeD)

Principal Investigator: Rut Carballido-López



We are interested in understanding how dynamic molecular interactions are regulated in time and in space to form functional machineries that establish long-range orders and cellular functions.

To this end we combine cutting-edge high-resolution fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy techniques with powerful genetic, biophysical, biochemical and systems biology approaches available in model bacteria, in particular the rod-shaped Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis (although we have started to work with other bugs too), to determine mechanistic details underlying basic cellular and developmental processes: the molecules, macromolecular assemblies, cellular events and physiological adaptations involved.

Because of their relative simplicity, bacteria are fantastic experimental systems to tackle these questions in living cells and will be the first cells to be fully understood at the systems level. Furthermore, understanding how bacterial cells grow has important implications for the identification of new antimicrobial targets and for the development of synthetic biology tools for bioproduction and biotechnology purposes.

Our ongoing work is exploring these topics:

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Join Us!

If you too are driven by the thirst for discovery and the passion for research of spatiotemporal relationships in the infinite complexity of the 'simple' bacterial cells, and you would like to join our lab, feel free to contact Rut no matter what your background field is (biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, etc). Tell us what your interests are, and what projects you would like to work on. We welcome fresh ideas, organisms, approaches and out of the box thinkers!

From February 2019 we will have several positions open on a ERC Consolidator grant awarded to Rut. There is also a PhD position funded by ANR available. If you are interested in obtaining your personal post-doc fellowship, contact us too as we have (successful) experience with Marie-Curie, EMBO and HSFP long-term fellowships.



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