Alexei Sorokine
Alexei Sorokine

Alexei Sorokine

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E.mail: Alexei Sorokine

Téléphone: +33 (0)1 34 65 27 24



1977: Engineer-Physicist Diploma (Radiation Physics)

1977-1979: Engineer in Physics, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Thermo-physics Chair

1980-1984: PhD student in Molecular Biology of Microorganisms, VNII Genetika, Moscow

1985: PhD Thesis in Molecular Biology

1985-1990: Researcher, Laboratory of genetic engineering, VNII Genetika, Moscow

1990-1994: Post-doctoral, Génétique Microbienne, INRA

1995-present : Research scientist, Génétique Microbienne, INRA


Scientific training

6 PhD students

4 post-doctoral fellows and young scientists

Several undergraduate students



Coordinator or participant of several bacterial sequencing projects (B. subtilis, L. lactis, industrial Bacilli, S. thermophilus, B. cereus) usually with flexible financing.


Recent selected publications

(In total a co-author of 45 international publications and the presenter of about 20 scientific talks at International meetings).

- Moumen B, Nguen-The C, Sorokin A. (2012) Sequence Analysis of Inducible Prophage phIS3501 Integrated into the Haemolysin II Gene of Bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis ATCC35646. Genet. Res. Int.:543286. Epub 2012 Mar 6.

- Auger S, Galleron N, Ségurens B, Dossat C, Bolotin A, Wincker P, Sorokin A. (2012). Complete genome sequence of the highly hemolytic strain Bacillus cereus F837/76. J. Bacteriol. 194(6):1630.

- Guinebretiere MH, Auger S, Galleron N, Contzen M, De Sarrau B, De Buyser ML, Lamberet G, Fagerlund A, Granum PE, Lereclus D, De Vos P, Nguyen-The C, Sorokin A. (2012). Bacillus cytotoxicus sp. nov. is a new thermotolerant species of the Bacillus cereus group occasionally associated with food poisoning. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol.

- Deghorain, M., L. Fontaine, B. David, J. L. Mainardi, P. Courtin, R. Daniel, J. Errington, A. Sorokin, A. Bolotin, M. P. Chapot-Chartier, B. Hallet, and P. Hols. (2010). Functional and morphological adaptation to peptidoglycan precursor alteration in Lactococcus lactis. J Biol Chem 285:24003-13.

- Auger, S., Galleron, N., Bidnenko, E., Ehrlich, S. D., Lapidus, A. & Sorokin, A. (2008). The genetically remote pathogenic strain NVH391-98 of the Bacillus cereus group is representative of a cluster of thermophilic strains. Appl Environ Microbiol 74, 1276-1280.

- Lapidus, A., Goltsman, E., Auger, S., Galleron, N., Segurens, B., Dossat, C., Land, M.L., Broussolle,V., Brillard, J., Guinebretiere, M.H., Sanchis, V., Nguen-The, C., Lereclus, D., Richardson, P., Wincker, P., Weissenbach, J., Ehrlich, S.D. and Sorokin, A. (2008) Extending the Bacillus cereus group genomics to putative food-borne pathogens of different toxicity. Chem Biol Interact 171, 236-249.

- Sorokin A, Candelon B, Guilloux K, Galleron N, Wackerow-Kouzova N, Ehrlich S.D, Bourguet D, Sanchis V. (2006) Multiple-locus sequence typing of Bacillus cereus and Bacillus thuringiensis reveals separate clustering and a distinct population structure of phychrotrophic strains. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 72 1569-1578.

- Ivanova N, Sorokin A, Anderson I, Galleron N, Candelon B, Kapatral V, Bhattacharyya A, Reznik G, Mikhailova N, Lapidus A, Chu L, Mazur M, Goltsman E, Larsen N, D'Souza M, Walunas T, Grechkin Y, Pusch G, Haselkorn R, Fonstein M, Ehrlich SD, Overbeek R, Kyrpides N. (2003) Genome sequence of Bacillus cereus and comparative analysis with Bacillus anthracis. Nature. May 1; 423 (6935):87-91.

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