Claire-Jing ROUCHET

Claire-Jing ROUCHET

PhD Student (supervisor : R. Carballido-López & C. Kervrann)

  • Claire-Jing ROUCHET
  • Position : PhD student (Doctoral school FIRE - Frontiers of Innovation in Research and Education)
  • In the Lab Since: 01/10/2020
  • Email : claire-jing.rouchet[at]
  • Tel : +33 (0)1 34 65 25 34

Project Description:

Internship of M2 (03/02/20 to 26/06/20):

I was interested in the implementation of a microscopy technique until now used in eukaryotic cells in order to adapt it in bacteria. This technique is called svFCS (Spot Variation Fluctuation Correlation Spectroscopy). Its aim is to determine the membrane organization around the molecule of interest by looking at the fluctuations of fluorescence of this molecule. In our case, we will use it on molecules playing a role in cell elongation at the membrane level (MreB, Lipid II...).

Thesis (01/10/20 - ) :

In the continuity of my M2 internship, I am interested in membrane organization and molecules playing a role in bacterial growth (elongation) in B. subtilis. For this, I use two techniques: the svFCS explained above and the spt-PALM. The latter is a super-resolution technique allowing to track individual molecules in time thanks to photo-activatable fluorescent molecules.

The goal is to better understand the molecular organization at the membrane level with the presence of membrane micro-domains and thus see their impact on cell elongation. A better understanding of the role of each actor would allow to better target inhibitory molecules such as antibiotics.


Curriculum Vitae:


2019: M1 internship in Daniel VASILIAUSKAS's team, Neuro-PSI, on the study of the Arrestin 2 protein in the mutually exclusive expression of rhodopsins 5 and 6 in the retina of adult Drosophila.

2018-2019: project 3A with Anatole CHESSEL, Ecole Polytechnique, on the determination of the genes responsible for the length of microtubules in S. pombe using high throughput microscopy.


2019-2020: Master 2 Engineering and Chemistry of Biomolecules, Ecole Polytechnique

2018-2019: Master 1 Biology-Health, Boris Ephrussi track, Ecole Polytechnique

2015-2018: Bachelor of Life Sciences, minor in Mathematics, Sorbonne University.

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